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Stinger Folding Trailers 2022 

Stinger XL-112
Folding Trailer For 1 Large Motorcycle

Load: 1 Large Motorcycle
Single Track & Ramp

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Stinger For Can-Am
Folding Trailer For Can-Am
Spyder RT/F3/Ryker

Load: 1 Can-Am Spyder RT/F3/Ryker
Triple Track & Ramp

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Stinger For ATV  / Golf Cart
Folding Trailer For All
4 Wheel ATV Models

Load: 1 ATV Any Model
Dual Wide Track & Ramp

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Stinger Combo
Folding Trailer For Can-Am or
1 Large Motorcycle

Load: Can-Am Or 1 Large Motorcycle
Triple Track & Ramp

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Stinger Twin Cruiser
Folding Trailer For 2 Large Motorcycles

Load: 2 Large Motorcycles
Dual Track & Ramp

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Stinger Triple
Folding Trailer For 3 Dirt / Sport Bikes

Load: 1, 2 or 3 Motorcycles
Triple Track & Ramp

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Stinger For Trike
Folding Trailer For Your Trike

Load: 1 Trike Motorbike
Triple Track & Ramp

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Stinger Side By Side
Folding Trailer For Side By Side

Load: 1 Side By Side
Custom Dual Track & Ramp

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Stinger For Side Car
Folding Trailer For Side Car Bike

Load: 1 Side Car Bike
Dual Track & Ramp

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Stinger For Smart Car
Folding Trailer For Smart Car

Load: 1 Smart Car
Custom Dual Track & Ramp

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Stinger Trailers
 A Closer Look From The Shop Floor!

“What Our Long Haul Customers Have To Say”

All Stinger Trailers have two notable benefits
not found with any other trailer carrier in its class.

A Stinger Trailer saves you loading time & storage space. Whether your are hauling off-road bikes, big baggers or ATV’s, before Stinger Trailer came along it was a challenge to load them into, on or off your hauling vehicle. A Stinger Trailer easily hooks up to your car, SUV or Pickup in no time; and, with its low profile wheel base design and ground level tailgate loading ramp it makes loading your Two, Three and Four Wheelers a time saving breeze unmatched by any other carrier trailer.

Best of all, once you arrive to your final destination whether it be a driveway, motel parking, camp site, underground or home garage, you simply roll your ride off your Stinger Trailer and then fold it up for final storage. The pin release system of a Stinger Trailer conveniently converts a full size trailer into and upright folded trailer with a small storage footprint comparable to the same space of a lawn mower. So, when you want a hassle-free loading experience that saves you time and storage space to haul your Two, Three or Four Wheeler consider getting a Stinger Trailer.

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